1Life spt:13"/27" dual monitor is a mounting desk system support with articulated arms and 3D adjustment.

1Life hd:flash M.2 NVME is an SSD external enclosure that allows you to create your own portable storage unit. USB 3.1 type C connection.


1Life m:ergo

1Life m: ergo is a vertical mouse with a 1600 DPI optical sensor. With an ergonomic shape that allows a natural vertical position with less tension in the hand, wrist and arm.

1Life kbw:flow kit is a wire free solution. This office kit includes an optical 1000dpi mouse and a keyboard with 8 shortcut keys.

1Life pa:dual USB auto is a USB car power adapter with 2 USB charging ports, including Quick Charge™ compatibility.


1Life mw:blaze

1Life mw:blaze is a wireless optical mouse with 1600 DPI sensor and 6 buttons that include a sensitivity switch.


1Life usb:hub 3

1Life usb:hub 3 is a USB 3.0 hub with 3 ports and a RJ45 Gigabit LAN interface.


1Life cr:citizen

1Life cr:citizen is a smart card reader and writer compatible with Cartão de Cidadão (Portugal) and DNI Electrónico (Spain). USB 2.0 connection.