1Life hd:vault 3

1Life hd:vault 3 is a HDD / SSD external enclosure that allows you to create your own portable storage unit. Compatible with 2.5" SATA storage units. USB 3.0 connection.


1Life va:HDMI / VGA

Unidirectional video adapter for HDMI digital signal to VGA analog signal. Supported resolution up to 1920x1080px @60Hz.


1Life kb:core kit

1Life kb:core kit is a wired keyboard and mouse office kit. This kit is composed by a membrane keyboard with slim frame design and 1600 DPI optical mouse.

1Life sps:socket 8 USB protects your electric devices from surge and peaks and eliminates the electromagnetic and radio frequency interferences. With a built-in USB charging station.

1Life ps:jet 700W 140mm is a highly reliable power supply with 700W maximum power and 140mm white silent fan with automatic speed control.


1Life mw:beam

1Life mw:beam is a wireless optical mouse with 1600 DPI sensor and 4 buttons that include a sensitivity switch.


1Life nbc:aero

1Life nbc:aero is a cooler suited for laptops up to 15.6″. With two 130mm silent fans with blue lighting and metal mesh surface.

1Life ta:fold 10″ is the ideal accessory for your 10″ tablet computer, a case with built-in kickstand and Micro-USB keyboard.